Ethera Spaces vs Traditional Office

Ethera is the best alternative to a traditional therapy office.

A traditional full time office lease is a whole lot of commitment. Signing a 3 to 5 year lease for an unfurnished office and having to set up all the utilities and deal with all the maintenance yourself seems pretty daunting. One thing COVID has taught therapists is that you don’t want to be stuck paying rent for an office that sits empty.

Why Ethera is 
than a traditional office

Our rooms are fully furnished and ready to use for your in-person client sessions and administrative tasks. We cover all the utilities and amenities so you don’t have to worry about all those additional bills racking up.

No long term contracts here, unless YOU want to secure your own dedicated office for your full-time practice. No termination fees for cancelling your membership at any time.

Book rooms only when YOU need it and book instantly through our Ethera Provider App.

We provide the option to expand your practice by offering various types of therapy since we have specialty offices that can accommodate play, art, psych testing, group, and family therapy).

We believe your work environment should enhance your practice and spark joy! Our coworking space is exclusive to Ethera members only and aesthetically designed to enhance collaboration, encourage balance, and complement your practice.

Experience the camaraderie amongst Ethera members. A traditional office can be isolating, but at Ethera you will always be alongside other clinicians who celebrate your achievements and offer you the support you need


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