Discover the potential of accepting insurance with Ethera’s program tailored to therapists at every stage of their private practice journey. Ethera has simplified the insurance process and we empower you to focus on what matters most – your clients.

(Ethera is currently only servicing providers in California)

Why Choose Ethera

At Ethera, we are more than just a billing solution. We’re your partner in practice growth. Here’s why therapists trust us:


Accessible Client Matching

Discover clients who align with your expertise and approach. Don’t just take any client; find the right ones for your practice.

Exposure to Thousands

Gain visibility and connect with clients in need of your services. Expand your reach effortlessly.

Transparency and Flexibility

Choose a local therapist community that prioritizes your success. We offer transparency, flexibility, and a commitment to supporting your practice.

Community Engagement

Give back to your community by offering affordable care to clients who can’t afford your regular rates.

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Curious about the differences between Ethera, smaller group practices, and insurance tech giants like Alma and Headway? See how Ethera stands out:

Unlike traditional group practices, you maintain control of your clients. You decide who to see, how many clients to take on.

Our straightforward application makes it easy to get started.

We provide clear details on your payouts and fees. So you know exactly how much you’re getting and how much you’re paying for services.

We streamline benefits verification, claim submissions, and payment collection.


The Financially Rewarding Way
to Accept Insurance

Focus on what you do best—therapy. We simplify the insurance process, so you can grow your practice without the hassle:

Say goodbye to the maze of insurance navigation. We guide you through the credentialing process.

Access higher payout rates. Our Cigna Evernorth rates are significantly higher than Alma and Headway.

Verify benefits, submit claims, and collect payments with ease.

Accepting insurance opens doors to more clients.


Submit claims in seconds.

No binding contracts or commitments.

We work to secure higher rates from insurance companies.


Empower Yourself

Don’t delegate the responsibility to a tech company. Learn the process, take control, and shape your own success.



If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us at

This depends on the CPT code and insurance company. We have a great contract with Cigna Evernorth and our rates are significantly higher than Alma and Headway. We also negotiate rates every year and pass the increases to our Insurance Program members.

Credentialing takes around 4-10 weeks. If you’re already credentialed it’s usually a bit quicker.

We’ve created a super simple claim form that is super quick to submit.

Supervisors submit claims just as they would for themselves. There’s no additional steps or paperwork. Cigna Evernorth and Aetna allows supervisory billing.

There is no cost to join for Ethera Members!

There is no commitment to our Insurance Program. You can start and leave at any time.

You will get paid 10-14 business days after you submit your claim.


Ready to Start Accepting Insurance?

Ethera simplifies the journey and makes credentialing and billing efficient so that you can maximize your reach.

Supervisory Billing

Take charge of your practice’s growth with supervisory billing. Ethera supports therapists in overseeing and billing for services provided by associates under their guidance.


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