Ethera Spaces vs Executive Offices (Regus)

Ethera is the best alternative to executive offices (Regus)

Executive offices are typically filled with a variety of professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents. And while that may be an opportunity to market your services, it doesn’t offer you the clinical support you need.

Ethera not only provides you with the clinical support, our space is designed specifically for therapy and maintains confidentiality and provides privacy and discretion for both clinicians and clients.

Why Ethera is 
than an executive office

All Ethera members are featured on our provider directory to help market their specialties and unique personalities to potential clients. We also offer social media support and quality client referrals through Ethera Connect (We believe fit matters). Our team is actively working on providing more resources such as website and branding support to all our members!

Feel at ease knowing that your confidential sessions with clients are not being heard in the hallways or outside. All our rooms are therapy-focused, thoughtfully designed, and fully furnished to help you and your clients feel comfortable and safe. 

Join exclusive events organized by our team to provide members with more opportunities for networking, learning, and growth.

We provide the option to expand your practice by offering various types of therapy since we have specialty offices that can accommodate play, art, psych testing, group, and family therapy).

Reliable, high-speed internet is a must! We provide this with security for all members and even have separate networks for clients and guests. Our practice management software allows for seamless client check-in via kiosk or mobile app in addition to provider and client portals for simplified administrative work. PLUS, enjoy the convenience of our digital key access and electronic nameplate displays!

Experience the camaraderie amongst Ethera members. A traditional office can be isolating, but at Ethera you will always be alongside other clinicians who celebrate your achievements and offer you the support you need.


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