About Ethera


What started as a goal to simplify the process of renting therapist offices has since evolved into a mission to empower mental healthcare providers. We want to provide you with the space and support you need to thrive in private practice so that all your energy can be focused on providing the best care for your clients.



Because it shouldn't be so hard for a therapist to start a private practice through which they can serve the community by providing high quality mental healthcare.



To create a society where everyone has access to quality mental healthcare and the transformative experience of therapy.




What sets Ethera apart?

Ethera providers are equipped with the support they need so they can focus their energy on what’s most important as a clinician: providing exceptional care to clients.

All Ethera providers are independent practitioners, and are not employed by Ethera. This means they set their own schedule, determine their own fees, and create their own policies and procedures.


Ethera IS...

We know how isolating private practice can be. Ethera is built on a foundation of connection and collaboration, clearly reflected in the design of the spacegoals.

Our members support each other by cross-referring, being available for consultation, participating in trainings, and sharing about experiences. Meet like-minded colleagues both on and off-line.

Half the battle is finding the right fit. Provider profiles allow clients to get to know Ethera therapists in a unique way that goes beyond the typical Psych Today profile. And Ethera Connect allows providers to engage in the matching process to get connected with the right clients for them.

Ethera IS NOT...

We provide less commitment, more flexibility, more options, and way more amenities than a typical sublease. We want you to have all the options available to help you toward your private practice goals.

We do not employ our members and do not take a fee split. We support therapists who enjoy the independence and autonomy of a private practice. We want to support you in your goals, whether it is to grow a full time practice or just have a small practice as a side hustle.

We do not devalue therapists’ work with lower wages and overfocus on productivity numbers. We understand how important this work is and we support you in all the ways – whichever path you are trying to create for yourself and your business.


Meet Etherea Co-founder,
Jen Kim, LMFT

As a fellow therapist who embarked on the private practice journey not too long ago, I know the pains and struggles as well as the amazing joys that private practice has to offer. The incredibly isolating experience of being a new private practice therapist taught me how important meaningful connection is. Without it, I felt burned out and lacked confidence in my work. When I felt connected to my space, my clients, and my colleagues, I felt empowered and supported. That is why connection is the very foundation of Ethera.

Pulling not only from my own experiences but also from the experiences of other providers, we created a space that minimizes the pain points of therapy offices. Dreaming up and creating Ethera was an incredibly personal experience in which I had the opportunity to connect deeply with colleagues and those who would be clients. Through these conversations I learned what matters most to both providers and clients: connection.

We believe that being connected to like-minded professionals helps you thrive. Your fellow Ethera members are not just your colleagues. They will be your greatest supporters throughout your journey. Not only will you feel more connected to other therapists, our space is designed to enhance your client’s experience as well; and that will foster a deeper therapeutic connection. And that is something truly special.

We hope that, like each member of our growing community, you and your clients can experience the new gold standard of therapy spaces.

With Gratitude,

Jen Kim, LMFT

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