Your Private Practice
with Ethera

Whether you are new to private practice, growing your existing practice or just looking for a community where you can consult, network and practice alongside like-minded professionals, Ethera is for you.

The Problem

Private practices are suffering from chronic pain

Symptom 1

You feel isolated.

As a solo practitioner or sharing an office with people you rarely see, you go weeks without any interaction with fellow therapists. Struggling to find opportunities to consult and debrief has left you feeling alone and hungry for connection and support.

Symptom 2

You can't find new clients.

Do you find yourself working harder to keep your sessions filled? Maybe you are paying for more marketing than ever but getting less clients than before. Or you’re getting calls from clients but most aren’t a good fit. Even though you may have a slow and steady flow of clients, you want to expand your reach but you’re unsure how.

Symptom 3

You lack support.

All those hours spent creating intake forms and superbills – aren’t you tired of filling out insurance forms? So much of your limited time is spent on all the noise and distractions of running a business when you could be focusing that time on your clients.

Symptom 4

Your overhead expenses keep going up.

If your office rent continues to increase every year, you are stuck paying more for almost everything without getting any additional value. There may not be any ways to cut costs while still providing the same level of service to your clients.

Symptom 5

You want change.

You are constantly thinking that there must be a better way to provide mental healthcare. You have ideas that are hard to implement because you feel stuck where you are, but you definitely want to explore something different.

Solutions you get with your
Ethera membership

Ethera Spaces

Office rent is often the largest expense that a private practice will incur. Ethera members get access to state-of-the-art co-practicing spaces that are purpose-built for psychotherapy without the fixed overhead cost.

Ethera Collective

It is hard to find people that value collaboration over competition and support over struggle. Ethera members get access to a growing community of providers online and offline.

Ethera Connect

Finding the ideal client is more art than science. Ethera members get access to direct client matches and referrals from other providers.*

*Beta version currently limited to Southern California and free for all providers.

Solutions we are working on that will be
coming soon

As part of our mission to enhance the mental healthcare experience and empower mental healthcare providers in their private practice journeys, we strive to continually create new solutions for our members.

Ethera Reach

Turnkey branding and digital marketing support services. Stand out and reach your ideal client in a world dominated by insurance and "tech" companies who are comooditizing mental healthcare providers.


Ethera Assist

Dedicated or shared virtual assistants specially trained in mental health office administration.


Ethera Synergy

Leverage Ethera Collective and Ethera Assist to foster creation of virtual group practices that allow providers to achieve economies of scale by pooling and sharing resources. Eliminate barriers to starting group practices and embrace the concept of 1+1>2.


Are you a good fit for Ethera?


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3 Quick Steps to Become a Member


Take the grand tour and apply for membership

Visit an Ethera location and get a feel for all Ethera has to offer – be inspired and envision how your practice will grow here. Chat with our community director to see how Ethera can best support you. Our application process is short and sweet.


Easy set up on our system

Onboarding made super quick and simple – we will get you set up and show you the ropes to make sure that your first days are seamless and go as smoothly as possible.


Enjoy all things Ethera

Start booking rooms, enjoying the coworking space, connecting with your fellow Ethera members, and more.

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