Benefits of Group Therapy

What is it? Group therapy includes at least one therapist and multiple group members who meet at the same time.  Group therapy can be for specific ages, such as children, teens, or adults, as well as for those who share a common challenge or struggle, such as grief/loss, parenting, communication skills, LGBT+, or mental illness, to name a few. The length […]

Private Practice Pain Points (now, that’s an alliteration!)

Part One: The Space Once upon a time, I was a newly licensed therapist, so excited to start my own private practice.  I quickly realized I had no idea what to do when it came to setting up my own business, even though I had gained half my hours in a private practice setting. Nevertheless, […]

How Does Therapy Help Anxiety?

What is it? Where does it come from? Anxiety is an automatic response to stress.  In fact, humans evolved to worry about safety, which helped us to steer clear of any threat, prepare for future danger, and ultimately, survive. Some amount of anxiety is natural and can be helpful. Experiencing nervousness before public speaking is normal and can help the person prepare for their presentation. Increased hypervigilance […]